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If you are an elderly individual it goes without saying that you’ll want to learn as much as possible about elder law. The same holds true if it’s your responsibility to care for an older family member or friend. As you seek information, you’ll soon find many resources that provide the information and advice you’re looking for. While you won’t listen to everything you come across, it’s important to put yourself on the right track soon enough.

It can be challenging to make confident decisions when you’re doing so on the behalf of a loved one. After all, you don’t want to go down the wrong path. One mistake, no matter how small, could have a big impact on somebody you really care about. On this page, we’re going to share a variety of resources related to elder law. It doesn’t matter if you are seeking information on nursing homes, hospitals, or local organizations, you can be rest assured that you’ll find exactly what you need to make better decisions in the future.

Local New Jersey Nursing Homes

Nobody wants to spend time in a nursing home, but fortunately there are many of these facilities to choose from – all of which provide high quality care. Of course, this can make it a challenge to make the right decision. Here is a short list of some of the top nursing homes in the area:

CareOne at East Brunswick – With a variety of services, including long-term care, you can be rest assured that this nursing home is able to provide the support that you or your loved one needs. It is well known throughout the area for being one of the top facilities, thanks to its amenities, modern upgrades, and convenient location.

The Chelsea at East Brunswick – When it comes to features and amenities, The Chelsea at East Brunswick is second to none. And that is why many people consider it to be the top nursing facility in the East Brunswick area. Some of the top features include: 24-hour professional trained staff, 24-hour emergency response system, on site physical and speech therapy, variety of dining options, modern common areas, and a fitness room.

Sunrise of East Brunswick – Known for being one of the most modern nursing facilities in the area, residents of Sunrise have the opportunity to live just as they would at their own home. With its convenient location and long standing reputation for providing high quality care, this facility is where many people turn when the time comes.

Hospitals You Should Know About

Does anybody look forward to the day when they have to visit a hospital? Of course not. However, you know that this is part of life. You also know that seniors are often in need of medical care on a regular basis. There are many local hospitals that have a good reputation for providing professional care. Here are three to consider:

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital – With nearly 1,000 beds, this is one of the larger hospitals in the area. Combine this with the fact that it employs some of the top medical professionals in the world, and you have a facility that will continue to attract local residents for years to come.

Saint Peter’s University Hospital – It may not be the largest hospital, but it is known for offering a variety of services – many of which suit the senior population. Every year, this facility treats approximately 30,000 inpatients. This is in addition to more than 200,000 outpatients.

JFK Medical Center – Located in Edison, New Jersey, this facility provides exceptional care to seniors (among all others). As a 498-bed community hospital, every patient receives the type of care they require to get back to good health.  

Funeral Homes Serving East Brunswick

Are you creating an estate plan? Are you helping somebody else do so? Are you simply planning for the future? Regardless of your situation, you know there will come a time when you should learn more about local funeral homes. Here are some of the best options in the local area:

Brunswick Memorial Funeral Home – A popular choice for many reasons, including its location. This funeral home continues to be one of the best in the area. The people are compassionate and the prices are affordable.  

Rezem Funeral Home – Since 1946, this has been one of the top funeral homes in the local area. With such a longstanding reputation for success, you always know you will be in good hands.

Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels – For those seeking a Jewish funeral, there is no better option than this establishment. From its affordability to the staff, Mount Sinai is top notch. Once you open up the lines of communication, you can feel better about what the future holds.

Local Organizations

Elderly individuals can benefit by spending time with others. Fortunately, there are many organizations in the area that allow people to meet up and spend time together. Some of the most popular include:

Rotary Club of New Brunswick – A great place for people to meet up and learn more about each one, the Rotary Club of New Brunswick continues to serve the local area.

Knights of Columbus 11873 – Located at 460 Ryders Lane in East Brunswick, New Jersey, the Knights of Columbus gives people the ability to get out, converse with one another, and have a good time. For many seniors, this is exactly what they are looking for.

Here are some other organizations and groups that have something unique to offer:

The Raritan Valley YMCA

The North Brunswick Kiwanis Club

East Brunswick Senior Center

Do You Need Assistance with Estate Planning?

We know that it can be difficult to plan for the future. We also understand how hard it can be to care for an elderly individual. This is why we do our best to provide you with the service you require. If you have any questions related to elder law, nursing home care, or Medicaid planning, we are always available to provide advice and guidance. You may feel like you are alone, but there are many resources that can point you in the right direction. Contact us today to get started.

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